Who dug the hole on the trail?

Fallen tree, sandpit and old forgotten bypass

On June 12, 2020, there had been several reports of a tree down in the area of the sandy drop after the “Road Crossing” I knew exactly where the tree was down and some riders crashed in this location because of the tree. Some with injuries that would keep them off the bike and in need of surgery. So it was very important to get out to the trail and remove it. 
My dad and I loaded up the trail cart with chainsaws, gas, chain oil, shovels, and Mcloeds. The tree was about 30-40 feet long about and to big for me to bear hug. It was completely blocking the trail. We arrived on location and assessed the tree and how it would be removed. We cut the tree into 6 foot long pieces that and were able to push them off the trail to the left side slightly down a hill. We moved them as far as we could that day. I then pulled all the sand out of the trail creating a small berm. That day was done, exhausted from the heat. We called it a day. However I would soon figure out that the sand in this area would not hold up and be too soft. So on July 1st, 2020 I went back out to this location solo. With the intention of making this area safer. I removed the logs, pushed them farther down the hill. This was not an easy job. Once the logs were removed, Ben sand just fell down the hill. I removed more sand and at this point the left side of the trail slightly dropped down, creating a curb. One rider commented on SE Trail Conditions. Warning Someone dug a hole on the trail after the sandy drop, staring they fell in the hole and went over the bars (OTB). Sorry no hole was dug. When the logs were removed the sand fell down the hill as well. If ridden right this area is definitely rideable and fun if you pick the right line. The sand continues to be an issue and we are looking for other options. This drop was not the original line. The original line goes to the left of the tree. However years back a tree fell across it and this “Bandit Line” was created. 
On July 25th, 2020 I went back out to the drop and opened up the original line to the left of the tree. Sure it’s not as fast but it is a safer line then the sandy drop.

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