On the trail

Leash and clean up after your pet

All dogs must be on leash !!! No excuses. Just not that long ago one of our members crashed and got injured because of unleashed dog. Unleashed dogs are very big safety hazard both for trail users and dogs .

2 way traffic

PLRA trail is 2 directional : counterclockwise for BIKES and clockwise fro HIKERS.

Reason is very simple – SAFETY. Two directional traffic allows both bikers and hikers see/hear each other approaching from greater distance and then safety pass.

Give the right of way

Right of way is simple on trail Bikes yield to hikers and horses , hikers yield to horses.

Since this is primarily MTB trail loop there are no horseback riding allowed and there are plenty of designated hiking trails as well.

We bikers travel at high speeds and many times it safer for hiker to yield to approaching bike then other way . Thank you hikers

Headphones in the woods? really ?

There is nothing better than hike or bike ride in the woods with all the calming sounds of nature. We all love music but on trail it’s very dangerous and annoying for you and other users. Countless times I have been shouting to someone standing in the middle of the trail with headphones on about me approaching and someone did not hear me and then when was passing was spooked and angry at times. Stay focus and listen to your surroundings.

Full face helmet – do you need one here ?

Helmets are awesome they may save your life. Full face helmets are design for extreme downhill rides or dirt bikes – you really don’t need it on this trail. you will just sweat a lot and your hearing is very limited almost like wearing headphones.

Have seen quite a few full face helmet folks stopping in the middle of the trail and being not aware of approaching bike

No e-bikes

E-bikes are not allowed on Pontiac Lake Recreational Area MTB Trail

Hunting on state land

MTB trail is passing through sections where hunting is permitted during hunting season. Be aware, pay attention to your surroundings , during hunting season wear orange

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