Stump jump

On July 23rd, 2020 my dad and I headed out to PLRA to do some trail work. There was a “Leaning Tree,” and a few stumps that were potential dangerous for users of the trail that needed to be addressed. We arrived at the trail with several chainsaws and the first job to take was the “Leaning Tree.” Many of your will remember this tree and you had to dodge it, to avoid hitting your shoulder on the tree. The tree was a cool obstacle for a while but with the lack of rain, and the warm temperatures the tree was leaning more and more daily. The tree was cut and the stump removed. We then moved on and cut several other stumps and trees that were near the trail and a potential hazard. The final stump that needed to be removed was just slightly off the trail and if not paying attention you could strike it with a pedal or even your front tire. While looking at the best solution for this particular stump. My dad said this should be a small “Jump” or now known as the “Stump Jump.” With several angled cuts using the chainsaw, we packed in some dirt and it was finished.

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