The skinny

Dat “30” foot Skinny

Well the day had finally come, Most of you remember the huge tree that was parallel to the trail after the 2 mile hill decent and prior to the horse trail crossing. When it fell parts of the tree were cut to make is passable but it was laying on half of the trail making it tough to pedal past it without pedal strikes. My dad and I (TC) loaded up the trail cart and up over the hill from Gale Road. This hill is awful. Straight up, straight down, but the quickest route to this location. We brought 3 chainsaws, gas, oil, Mcloed, shovel, and a come-a-long (come-a-long is a hand-operated winch with a ratchet used to pull objects.) The plan was to move the tree off the trail, then cut the top off of it, or in half, to creat the skinny. It was a huge tree. The old saying of things come in 3, we were quickly reminded of this. First things first. Move the tree, while setting up the come-a-long I disturbed a wasp nest in the ground. I got stung twice, my dad once. Tree was moved off trail. Began cutting the log. 5 feet into it, 1st chainsaw died. 2nd chainsaw completed another 10 feet. Died.

They became part bin saws. To refurbish another chainsaw we had at home. Onto the third chainsaw, this was my Makita 36 Volt. Although a great saw this job was too much for it so we called it for the day and I went and purchased a new Stihl Farm Boss. On day two it was myself and RC. Armed with the new Farm Boss and RC’s Husqvarna rancher. We started cutting the log and were able to get to within the last 5 feet before chainsaw issues in sued. The blade on the Husqvarna was shot and the farm boss needed some tending to that we didn’t have the tools. On today three this was our third day in a row work in the skinny with the chainsaws sharpened up and the purchase of my second Stihl Chainsaw in a matter of days the Skinny was completed with new dirt entrance and exit ramps and several writers wrote it for the first time all of them completing the full length of it. So with that being said, things do come in 3’s, 3 days to build the skinny, 3 wasp stings, 3 to 6 chainsaws but who’s counting.

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